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Christian Counseling


It's important to remember that experiencing Mental Health challenges doesn't mean you're lacking in faith or that you're not close to God. Mental Health is not a punishment for decisions a person makes with their life. The reality is that Mental Health doesn't discriminate and yes, even Christians struggle with Mental Health. You're not alone and seeking help is a sign of strength.

Christian counseling is a therapy approach that combines faith with principles of psychology to help improve mental health and relationships. It uses scripture and biblical teachings to help individuals deal with life's challenges in a meaningful way. This approach can be a powerful tool for those seeking guidance and support in their personal and spiritual growth.

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65% of family members believe local churches should talk more openly about mental illness to reduce stigma.

20% of individuals believe that their acute mental illness makes it difficult to understand salvation.

49% of pastors report that they rarely or never speak about acute mental illness to their church in sermons or large groups.

23% of pastors have personally struggled with mental illness.

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